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Gaelic Football Betting - Gamble on GAA Sport

Below are some of the most exciting events to look forward to:

The All-Ireland Football Championship - Latest Odds

The All-Ireland Football Championship is one of the most significant tournaments in Gaelic football, where 33 teams fight to win the Sam Maguire Cup. Many people ask why 33 teams are participating while are 32 counties in Ireland. The answer is that although Kilkenny does not take part in the championship every year, and New York and London are allowed to send their teams to the competition, bringing the number of participants to 33.

From 2015 to 2020, the Dublin Gaelic Football team impressively won 6 consecutive trophies. However, Kerry is the team that has amassed the highest number of titles in history.

The All-Ireland Hurling Championship - Bet on Hurling

Similarly to the All-Ireland Football Championship, the Senior Hurling Championship is another competition that has taken place each year since it began in 1887. However, the Hurling Championship is a more specialized sport that only allows 17 counties to take part and fight for the Liam McCarthy Cup.

Kilkenny, dubbed The Cats, has won the most number of titles in this competition. Because they are a small county, Kilkenny does not have an outstanding Gaelic football team but makes up for it by dedicating all their efforts towards the sport of hurling. For this reason, they have climbed above the rest of the teams participating in the championship.

Provincial Championships

Regarding geography, Ireland consists of 4 provinces, and the same is the situation with GAA competitions. These four provinces are Ulster, Connacht, Leinster and Munster senior football championship. Teams that finish number one and two in each province qualify to take part in the All-Ireland stage of the competition.

There is no Championship for hurling in Connacht, and since there is one large hurling county in Connacht, i.e., Galway, they take part in the Leinster Championship. The hurling structure is a little more complex than Gaelic football; for example, Antrim, the only central hurling county in Ulster, can only qualify for the All-Ireland by winning the Joe McDonagh Cup.

Ireland’s National Leagues

The National Leagues kick off in January each year, allowing teams to use these games to prepare and get the fitness they need to participate in the All-Ireland championships. Fringe players also get an opportunity to show their skills and capabilities and increase their chances of being called up to participate in much larger competitions.

The National Hurling League has five divisions, while the National Football League has four. The minor counties are forced to work harder to avoid relegation or gain promotion, which makes the competition thrilling to watch and make predictions as you never know what will happen.

Ireland’s Club Championships

Club competitions lie at the center of the sport’s heart. However, this does not imply that intercounty GAA is any less significant. Every county is expected to have its quad with players drawn from different parts of the country. Nonetheless, the leading players in each parish come together to create a club team that gives rise to over 2,000 clubs in Ireland.

The objective is to emerge victorious in the local county championship every year, allowing the qualifying teams to participate in the provincial club championship. If they can win at this level, they qualify for the All-Ireland club championship. A number of bookmakers on the island permit people to stake their bets on club championships.

Ireland’s Tailteann Cup

Formed in 2022, The Tailteann Cup is the 2nd football division of the Gaelic football hierarchy. The object of the formation of this competition was to provide the weaker counties in the country with a “B” format that extends their competitive season and offers them an opportunity to win a trophy. This competition has already succeeded and will continue to exist for a long time.

The above is a quick list of the significant betting events that Irish players can exploit and enjoy while learning about different teams and the titles they have won in their respective competitions.

The Top GAA Betting Sites In Ireland

Ireland has a significant share of reliable and popular betting sites featuring different GAA games, with the number of service providers growing by the day. However, a notable group of betting sites is much bigger than the rest of the operators. These sites are Betfair, Bet365, Boylesports, and Paddy Power.

Here is a summary of what to expect from each platform:

1. GAA Betting with Paddy Power

Over the years, PaddyPower has become known as one of the largest betting brands in Ireland. It is no wonder that Paddy Power has heavily focused on offering Gaelic games betting opportunities.

Once you register an account with PaddyPower's site for GAA Betting, you will have access to a wonderful selection of markets to exploit and make money, with betting options extending much more profound in levels of play. For instance, Paddy Power provides U20 hurling, a rare provision with most Irish Gaelic games betting platforms. Paddy Power’s hurling betting options also feature provincial cup and championship betting.

Paddy Power is also famous for its special betting promotions, such as money back when you have lost the first goal scorer bet and if the team gets a goal later in the match. This means that the platform is best for everybody who likes bonuses of the hurling or huge football game to look out for offers from Paddy Power before betting on GAA.

Paddy Power’s blog is the other strong selling point for the betting platform. The blog publishes exceptional betting tips for hurling and football as the season nears.

In terms of match odds, Paddy Power Gaelic Games Betting has one of the highest and most competitive match odds for GAA betting. Fans interested in Irish sports looking for high prices and great values consider Paddy Power a worthwhile betting platform.

To request your bet, you can use the bookmaker’s #WhatOddsPaddy feature – it will help you find the specific GAA bet that you are interested in placing with this GAA bookmaker. Undoubtedly, Paddy Power is one of the best GAA betting platforms in Ireland.

2. GAA Betting Odds with Boylesports

Boylesports is one of the biggest betting brands formed and developed in Ireland. Over the years, it has consistently offered many Gaelic games betting options. Its focus on Gaelic games betting makes it one of the biggest betting sites in Ireland and, therefore number two betting platform on this list of significant bookmarkers in the country.

Once you sign up for an account with Boylesports, you will have access to an extensive selection of betting markets, from HFC and SFC to ladies' Gaelic football, which unfortunately tends to be left out by some of Ireland’s GAA betting platforms.

Fans of Irish sports appreciate that Boylesports offers GAA betting sports markets that are as valuable as the most sought-after offers in Ireland. Boylesports for Gaelic games betting is popular because it does not short-change fans and offers one of the highest prices on a football or hurling game.

Examples of Gaelic games betting markets regularly provided on the platform include wincasts and scorecasts.

Similarly to Paddy Power, Boylesports uses its blog to provide valuable information and resources to sports fans keen on Gaelic games betting markets. Their site has strong collaborations with GAA experts. For example, at the start of 2020, the bookmaker made public that it had partnered with Diarmuid Connolly, a 6-time All-Ireland winner, to be their new brand ambassador.

The role of Diarmuid Connolly, the Dublin legend, is to assist in the production of written and video content to be used by the bookmaker. At the time of the announcement, Diarmuid Connolly took note of Boylesports’ plans to be the leading bookmaker in the industry and committed to helping the brand achieve its goals.

Boylesports gaelic games betting is considered the most prominent independent Irish bookmaker and is famous for its routine and exciting GAA betting promotions. We expect this bookmaker will have a special offer for GAA sports fans as the start of the new season draws nigh.

3. Bet365 GAA Betting Odds

Bet365 differs from both Boylesports and Paddy Power in that it does not have a specific history in Ireland. However, it offers valuable GAA betting markets, further underpinning its position as one of the largest betting brands in the world.

Bet365 offers a wide range of one of the most amazing GAA betting markets and other popular sports globally. Compared to other Gaelic games betting sites, Bet365 provides an extensive range of betting options than the rest of GAA betting sites operating in Ireland.

Other than the fundamental markets all operators offer, Bet365 frequently provides extra Gaelic games betting options such as race to 10/15/20/25 points and winning margin/first player to score doubles, among others. It's one of the best online casino sites in Ireland and a great GAA betting site.

Noteworthy, the maximum winnings a customer can make from Bet365 by participating in Gaelic Athletic Association betting is capped at e25,000 only. This amount is considerably little compared to the maximum winnings for soccer, which is capped at £2 million.

Ordinarily, Bet365 provides competitively high odds, which is also the case when it comes to the odds offered in the GAA markets. When it comes to GAA bets, customers will realize that Bet365 is more likely to offer higher prices than not.

However, Bet365 is more outlandish than some of the betting platforms when it comes to odds for outsiders taking part in the ante-post betting markets for the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship.

Bet365 has one of the most attractive welcome bonuses and is popular for running special and exciting promotions; it also provides GAA sports.

Anyone interested in Gaelic games betting can use the Bet365 mobile app, one of the industry's most effective betting apps, which can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store and installed on both Android and iOS devices.

4. QuinnBet GAA Betting Odds

Quinnbet is another worthwhile alternative for sports fans in Ireland looking for rewarding GAA betting markets.
Unfortunately, Quinnbet does not provide a remarkable selection of ante-post betting markets like those on Paddy Power and Boylesports platforms. In addition, Quinnbet only provides betting markets for major tournaments.

However, Quinnbet prices are high enough to compensate for this, as this betting platform is one of the best in its prices on popular GAA betting markets.

Irish sports fans cannot always find their desired GAA wagers when using Quinnbet ; however, whenever the GAA wagers have been provided, they come with extremely favorable prices, to the benefit of the ordinary sport's fan.

When considering Gaelic games betting, customers often prefer Quinnbet over other bookmakers because of Quinnbet Free Bet Club. For example, Quinnbet customers who stake accumulators valued €25 with a minimum of 3 legs receive a free bet worth €10.

Moreover, sports fans can use the Quinnbet bet builder tool to ensure their wagers are eligible for the Free Bet Club, an extremely worthwhile venture for customers who like betting on GAA competitions.

Quinnbet also provides Quinnbet boosts; therefore, always check for higher odds, particularly on GAA games like All-Ireland Senior Championship.

5. Betfair GAA Football Betting Odds

Following a huge takeover, Betfair shares the betting market with Paddy Power and is the last of the top five GAA betting platforms available for Irish sports fans.

Many people prefer the Betfair platform to bet on GAA games, as this bookmaker offers regular sportsbooks and the biggest online betting exchange globally.

The implication is that sports fans' interest in GAA action can either back or lay their stakes, giving them greater flexibility when placing bets. In addition, Betfair exchange regularly provides the highest GAA odds in the industry.
Nonetheless, as it happens with all kinds of sports that may be thought to be minor, Betfair’s exchange value heavily relies on the prevailing liquidity in the market.

Sometimes, the hurling betting option on other platforms may be restrained. However, there are many betting options for customers seeking to place a bet on the sport. Similar to some of the major GAA betting platforms in Ireland, Betfair provides a blog where sports fans can get GAA betting tips on the most competitive games. This blog is updated regularly.

Another major benefit of Betfair is the market-leading bonuses it offers new customers upon registration. Sports fans interested in GAA action can make the most of this bonus to bet on the most competitive games of the weekend.

As a betting platform, Betfair also runs regular promotions, enticing sports fans to keep returning for more offers at Betfair. In addition, Betfair’s mobile app is simply remarkable.