Boylesport GAA Betting Odds Review

The Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), is the largest Irish sporting organisation and promotes a number of traditional Irish games. BoyleSports GAA games betting is the perfect place to wager a bet on these games.

Gaelic games such as Gaelic Football or hurling incorporate grit and skill and are incredibly popular among the people of Ireland and even have a growing following outside of the country.

If you’re looking to bet on Gaelic football, hurling, or even the smaller sports? We have the solution. Then you need to visit BoyleSports for all your GAA sports betting needs. BoyleSports covers all Gaelic games competitions. It is the best place to bet on All Ireland Hurling, Leinster Championship Hurling, Munster Championship Football, or All Ireland Football.

BoyleSports is your new home for Gaelic game betting. 

Pros and Cons when Using BoyleSports GAA Betting Outright Betting Odds and Betting

There are many positives about betting on Boylesports GAA outright betting odds and betting, as well as some cons.


  • I found the site to be responsive, fast and well laid out
  • I rate the wide array of betting options for GAA on the site
  • I really liked the app
  • I highly rate the welcome offers


  • I found that popups annoyed me from time to time
  • Some punters will find the payment option they’d like to use is not available
  • Live streaming is limited to only a few sports.

How to Enjoy on Gaelic Games Betting BoyleSports? 

BoyleSports makes it simple to bet on GAA. You will not only find the top GAA online betting markets. You will also find great Gaelic games betting odds. It is easy and simple to place a bet on our website. 

Looking for outright betting markets? We have the outrights for the top GAA competitions. Outright betting is a simple bet. You will pick a team you believe will win overall in the competition. For instance, BoyleSports’s GAA football outright odds include the winners and Leinster Senior Football Championship, Munster Senior Football Championship, All Ireland Ladies, and many more. 

What about Hurling? We have outright GAA games betting odds on All Ireland Camogie, All Ireland Senior Hurling, and many more. 

Want more? We have Gaelic betting specials. In addition, you can place a bet on the outcome and correct score of individual games. So, you can place a bet on an away win, draw, or home win. 

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How Do Odds Work on Boylesports GAA Betting?

BoyleSports, display GAA games betting odds as fractional odds. They also provide the odds for the Draw, Away Win, and Home Win. 

The odds for the Draw might be 10/1, the Away Win might be 1/6, and the Home Win might be 9/2. Let’s say you have e10 stake and you want to bet on Home Win. If your team wins, you will win £45. You should know that this includes your original £10 stake.   

Once you understand the odds, have a look at the GAA predictions and tips on Boylesports’ website. We share tips and predictions for both Gaelic football and hurling. 

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What Do The Top Gaelic Sports Betting Websites Offer?

A common misconception that circulates betting circles is that only Irish bookmakers allow you to bet on Gaelic games. Fortunately, this is not the case. In fact, there are many UK-based as well as reputable European sites that allow you to place your bets. Of course, which ones you should trust is hard to determine as all websites claim to offer the best and most efficient services.

You can always perform your own research and create a shortlist of betting websites that allow you to bet on Gaelic games. Of course, this is time consuming and there’s a much easier option out there for you! In fact, we’ve already done the hard legwork and all you need to do is keep reading.

Three Features The Top Gaelic Betting Sites Offer

Better Odds

You need to ensure that you maximize your investment when betting on Gaelic games. For example, why bet 2.30 on Dublin when you can lock in 2.50 elsewhere? The point is that these number increments may seem small, but they do add up over time. At the end of the day, don’t leave money behind when you don’t have to!

Get Rewards For Joining

The top Gaelic betting websites will always provide a red carpet service to new customers. They may offer free bets or a bonus for signing up and placing money into your betting account. From cashback to rewards for everything you do, a reputable company will make loyalty worth your time and efforts.

Live Streaming

The top betting websites will always offer live streaming services as an option, and not just wall-to-wall coverage of GAA competitions. This means you can be a part of any game and never miss a beat by streaming live on your smartphone or tablet when the time comes. This is a great way to get immersed in the game while enjoying the perks of being a quality site member.